Team Bonding Event Testimonials

Scott Topper’s virtual Improv Event Experience is designed to connect, engage, and inspire remote teams. This is THE MOST FUN corporate team building activities you’ll ever experience…guaranteed!

“Great for team events. We had a great time, filled with laughter. Everyone felt included (global team). Thank you, Scott!”

Efrat — December 2021

“Scott’s Improv class was excellent – and so fun, thank you!”

Alex — December 2021

“I booked this experience for myself and my friend Javier for his birthday, Scott was a great storyteller and was able to make us feel comfortable while we learned different improv techniques. This was such a fun experience, and we both enjoyed it a lot!”

Lili — September 2020

“Scott Topper was great fun and knowledgeable! It was a wonderful introduction to improvisation.”

Judy D. — June 2020

“Loved it”

Garima — December 2020

“Lots of fun for a group.”

Emily — November 2020

“Scott Topper is an amazing storyteller and coach! We enjoyed the show so much! Worth a try!!!”

Jemma M. — August 2020

“Great experience for our group! Everyone raved about this. Thanks so much!”

Liz — November 2020


Jessalyn — August 2021

“Fun experience that promotes engagement”

Kristina — August 2021

“Learned some drama theory at the same time had fun with my team!”

Gigi — August 2021

“We signed up for some team bonding, and our experience with Scott was great! He brought a lot of energy to the table and found a great way to get us all involved and to get us all to let loose. I only wish we had more time because time flew by just after a few introductory exercises. At first, I was worried we wouldn’t have enough people to get things going, but now I realize the smaller the group, the better just in terms of probably being able to try out and learn more things!”

Christopher — June 2021

“Scott was very engaging and was able you out of your comfort zone.”

Brian — May 2021

“It was an amazing experience for our team as most of us had never seen, let alone done improv! Scott was a pro, making sure we were comfortable, and we laughed soooooo much! Amazing team bonding too!”

Ani — February 2021

“Scott is a fun guy. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and have a great time improvising! We did it for a family birthday, and it went great.”

Simon — February 2021

“I’ve taken a lot of improv classes and didn’t think it could be done well virtually, but Scott knocked it out of the park. An amazing experience, and he’s just terrific at teaching improv.”

Ian — December 2020

“My session had five people, including the host. I thought that was a good number, and any more would have taken away some of the experience. Scott made everyone feel comfortable right away. I enjoyed more the improv games /exercises and less the tips on how to become a successful improv artist since I approached it wanting a good time and less wanted to get into improv seriously.”

Jessica — November 2020

“Thanks so much for the virtual improv session you hosted for us, Scott! We were looking for a unique experience to incorporate into the 3-day live event, and you delivered.”

Kevin — December 2020

“I booked this experience for my company. Scott Topper was a great storyteller and made us feel comfortable while we learned different improv techniques. This was such a fun experience, and we enjoyed it a lot!”

Lola W. - January 2022

“This was a great experience for our remote corporate retreat. So fun, and we learned a lot in the process. Thank you, Scott!”

Ann Z. — July 2020

“Great experience for first-timers! Scott’s energy opened me up, especially since I am an introvert. I enjoyed it.”

Yash — September 2021

“This was a great activity to have some laughs with co-workers!”

Sameer — August 2021

“My team (including myself) were a little nervous going into this, especially with many of us being introverts, but it was lots of fun. We are talking about doing it again sometime. Scott did a great job of guiding us along and getting us loosened up.”

Jamie — June 2021

“Great team bonding!”

Kelly — May 2021

“Super fun experience for those, like me, who have never done improv! Scott created a warm and comfortable environment that helped me and my group throw ourselves into the games without fear of looking silly. We all had a great time!”

Agatha — December 2020

“Scott was a great host. He led a wonderful session for our office team event. It was super fun, and our whole team enjoyed participating in the Improv activities. Scott made it easy and welcoming for everyone to participate.”

Prachi — December 2020

“What a great virtual setting. We are in a pandemic, and finding team-building activities where the connection is deep is difficult. My team of Product Designers and I enjoyed our time with Scott Topper. You’ll feel vulnerable and guided every step, feel safe, welcome, no judgment, and able to try something new!”

Heidi G. — July 2020

“Great team bonding activity”

Anthony — March 2020

“This was super fun, and Scott is hilarious!!”

Cara — January 2021

“Scott was professional and had great energy. We enjoyed our experience and would recommend.”

Nancy — December 2020

“Scott is interactive and fun. You will enjoy your time with him”

Jim — November 2020

“Great time!”

Nicole — November 2020

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