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Virtual Team Events

Foodie Quiz Game

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Fun Categories include Chefs, Recipes, Restaurants, Cocktails, Ingredients, and World Cuisine Trivia!

Sports Team Trivia

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Fun Categories include Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Football Trivia!

Beginners Improv Fun Team Games

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Get ready to connect, smile, laugh, feel happy, have lots of fun, play games & act silly in this inclusive, beginner level improv experience!

Pop Trivia Game Show

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Fun Categories include General Knowledge, Pop Music, American History, Science, Celebrity, Geography, and Movie Trivia!

Q1-Q3 Holiday Themed Team Trivia

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Fun Categories include Major Holidays from January through September Trivia!

Winter Holiday Themed Team Trivia

Hosted LIVE with Scott Topper

Fun Categories include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, and Kwanzaa Trivia!

How It Works

Planning a remote work party?  Want to build trust and have a stronger and more connected remote team? With Scott’s live Interactive and inclusive virtual team building activities and game experiences, your remote co-workers will share some laughs and connect while working from home or from a remote office location.

Fun Virtual Team Building Events hosted Live with Emmy TV Game Show Host Scott Topper

Voted #1 virtual team building activities and online events for remote teams.

Share and create memorable experiences with Scott’s fun virtual team events for group sizes of 10 to 100. Your remote team will experience a one-of-a-kind virtual event that they will talk about with friends & co-workers for weeks.  From team trivia quizzes and team trivia challenges to improv fun and games for beginners, we’ve got your team covered!  Book your next virtual team event with Emmy TV LIVE Game Show Host Scott Topper TODAY!

Team Bonding Event Testimonials

Scott Topper’s virtual team building event experiences are designed to connect, engage, and inspire remote teams. These are THE MOST FUN corporate team building trivia and improv activities you’ll ever experience…guaranteed!

“We have been complete with the event for less than 10 minutes and already each and every participant has reached out to me thanking me for setting up such a fun experience. Scott did an amazing job getting a group of team leaders, who are often in their heads, to relax and play together. With Scott’s magic and expertise they all interacted with each other in new and fun ways, creating a bond that those who didn’t show up will miss out on because there will be private jokes flying for weeks in upcoming meetings at work!”

Meta, Aileen, San Jose, CA – July 2022

“My company is in the tech industry so we tend to be very “left-brained” however these improvisational exercises allowed us to utilize our right brain and be creative while listening and reacting to situations on the fly. Not only was this a fun and exciting experience for my team, it allowed us to let down our guards, be silly and bond in a unique way. Thank you Scott!!!”

Samsung, Brent, Los Angeles, CA – June 2022

“Great for team events. We had a great time, filled with laughter. Everyone felt included (global team). Thank you, Scott!”

Efrat — December 2021

“Scott’s Improv class was excellent – and so fun, thank you!”

Alex — December 2021

“Scott Topper was great fun and knowledgeable! It was a wonderful introduction to improvisation.”

Judy D. — June 2020

“Thanks so much for the virtual improv session you hosted for us, Scott! We were looking for a unique experience to incorporate into the 3-day live event, and you delivered.”

Kevin — December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the min # of participants?

A: We have a 10-person minimum on all of Scott’s virtual team events with a starting cost of $550 up to 10 participants.

Q: What if we don’t know the exact headcount?

A:  With our online insta-booking software, we allow you to add additional participants of up to 5 people at each additional booking reservation.  This allows you to estimate within 5 people as to whether or not team members will attend and we pass the discounted savings on to your session.

Q: Can we use our own meeting link?

A: Absolutely! You’re welcome to provide your own meeting link.  However, with our insta-booking software on this website, we will automatically send you our Zoom link for your virtual team event date and time after you pay in full with a credit card to reserve and book your team session with Host Scott Topper.

Q: What is the max # of participants?

A: All of our virtual trivia games and virtual quiz show games can include up to 100 participants max.  Our virtual Improv Fun & Games for Beginners can include up to 40 participants max.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Any virtual team event can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the virtual team event starts.


If the host internet connection fails during your session we are happy to reschedule up to 6 months from your initial virtual team event booked date at no additional cost.


There are no refunds or exchanges as all virtual team event sales are final. Your live host has scheduled and reserved your date and time for your team and therefore cannot rebook the date and time on short notice.