Led by Emmy-TV Live Host Scott Topper

Improv Fun and Games with Scott Topper

Welcome to the most fun & entertaining virtual improv comedy team building activity your company will EVER experience! Great for sales, HR, analytics, designers, and tech companies! Get ready to smile, laugh, feel happy, play games & act silly in this beginner level improv comedy experience. Be prepared to have lots of fun and go with the flow! Scott hosts inclusive breakout exercises for sales kick offs to celebrate sales successes. By the end of Scott’s improv session, participants will be able to adopt new skills and techniques for being more agile, increase confidence when thrown curveballs, and improve upon demo, presentation, and listening skills. If you like the TV Improv Show “Whose Line is it Anyway?,” then your remote team will LOVE this live virtual team event. This is creative game play at it’s best! Learn to think fast and think outside the box. Build relationships and connect with your team by playing fun games. This is a unique experience where individuals and team members will participate in various activities to enhance their Improv skills such as Improv Basics, Yes And Basics, Collaboration, Ensemble work, Commitment, and Storytelling. This is THE MOST fun team building activity your company will experience online! Great for beginners with no improv experience.

Meet your Corporate Live Virtual Improv Host, Scott Topper

Scott is a Three-time Emmy nominated FOX-TV Kids Show Host, a Groundlings Improv Hollywood, CA trained performer, and for the past 10 years teaches fun corporate public speaking and improvisation classes for business professionals, sales and customer service teams at Fortune 500 companies, the MBA program at Antioch University, and he sells improv books and DVD’s on Amazon.com.

Scott is a passionate presentation success coach who helps people who want to feel confident presenting during Video Conferencing, Webinars, PowerPoint presentations, sales summits, and Screen Sharing online sessions. You will improve your presentation performance by engaging people and becoming more dynamic. You will learn to communicate more effectively and have a great time in the process. Let’s have some FUN!

Cost: $500 (up to 10 participants minimum) + $50 / each additional person

  • Group Size 10 to 40 remote employees
  • This virtual event requires at least 10 participants
  • Time needed 1 hour
  • Event Type Virtual Hosted in English
  • Great for beginners

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The #1 Live-Hosted virtual improv fun team games experience trusted by over 1500 corporate global remote teams who love our fun virtual team building events and team bonding activities.

Improv Fun Team Games

Great for corporate learning & development for remote teams to connect and have fun! Great for online Happy Hour, virtual leadership retreats, remote team summits, and team building work culture.

Professional improv comic Scott Topper will take your remote team through a series of beginner-friendly, collaborative, and approachable improv games designed to have fun and bring your remote team closer together.

Virtual Team Building Improv Fun Team Games

We offer FUN, interactive, and inclusive virtual team building improv class activity for remote companies around the world looking to connect and have better communication skills through our improv experience.

A unique virtual Corporate Improv Training Team Building Experience for Remote Employees. Try a beginner’s online business improv workshop class today! 60 minutes of hilarious interactive fun up to 40 employees.

What are the Benefits of Improv Fun Team Games?

Scott helps remote corporate teams to improve important work skills to help prepare for the upcoming year. Our improv training event goal is so that by the end of this breakout exercise participants will be able to:

  1. Adopt new skills/techniques for being more agile
  2. Increase confidence when thrown curveballs
  3. Improve upon demo, presentation, and listening skills

This is a unique improv virtual experience where individuals and team members will participate in various activities to enhance their Improv skills such as Improv Basics, Yes And Basics, Collaboration, Ensemble work, Commitment, and Storytelling during a fun and inclusive 60-minute improv session.

How It Works and What Your Team Will Do

Need stress-relief? Want to build trust and have a stronger and more connected remote team? With Scott’s live Interactive Improv Comedy experience, your remote co-workers will share some laughs and connect while working from home or from a remote office location.

Your improv questions will be answered & you’ll learn how to remain calm with breathing and visualization techniques so you can create authentic, original comedic characters one step at a time! Your group will learn Improv secrets so they can feel confident and relaxed while performing. This is a one-of-a-kind virtual Improv comedy class you’ll be talking about with your friends & co-workers for weeks. Learn improv rules, play games, think fast on your feet, & share stories during a supportive, inclusive, non-judgmental & fun session. Be prepared to have lots of fun and go with the flow!

Things You’ll Need to Bring

  • Very loose-fitting and comfortable clothing is recommended (such as sweatpants, T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers)
  • A pen and a notebook to take notes
  • A fun prop (hat, boa, silly glasses, etc)

How to Join Scott’s Improv Workshop

After you book you’ll receive an email with a Zoom video conference link to launch your improv event.

Great for Tech, IT, Start-ups, and Fortune 500 company employees.

Virtual improv events help your team to connect with Scott Topper’s awesome, engaging online corporate improv experience!


It’s Matt, thanks for the fun time Scott, that was a blast. We’d love to do it again sometime!

Matt, LegalZoom

May 2022

“We have been complete with the event for less than 10 minutes and already each and every participant has reached out to me thanking me for setting up such a fun experience. Scott did an amazing job getting a group of team leaders, who are often in their heads, to relax and play together. With Scott’s magic and expertise they all interacted with each other in new and fun ways, creating a bond that those who didn’t show up will miss out on because there will be private jokes flying for weeks in upcoming meetings at work!”

Meta, Aileen, San Jose, CA – July 2022

“My company is in the tech industry so we tend to be very “left-brained” however these improvisational exercises allowed us to utilize our right brain and be creative while listening and reacting to situations on the fly. Not only was this a fun and exciting experience for my team, it allowed us to let down our guards, be silly and bond in a unique way. Thank you Scott!!!”

Samsung, Brent, Los Angeles, CA – June 2022

“Great for team events. We had a great time, filled with laughter. Everyone felt included (global team). Thank you, Scott!”

Efrat — December 2021

“Scott’s Improv class was excellent – and so fun, thank you!”

Alex — December 2021

“Scott Topper was great fun and knowledgeable! It was a wonderful introduction to improvisation.”

Judy D. — June 2020